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Welcome to Fuze Page!
Play Fuze Game and/or join the Discord server and interact with the active community (lie)

Fuze Engine

A game engine which uses unicode text to render objects.
This is made so that content can easily be added to Fuze Engine games, and the game content interchangeable.
The lines here are blurred as to whether this is a game engine or a game in itself, like Garry's Mod, so they will be brought under one name eventually.

Fuze Game

This web game runs on Fuze Engine.
Fuze Game takes inspiration from diep.io and robocraft to create a multiplayer game, where players build their own 2D spaceship out of blocks, and battle others.
For now, the game is only in single player, and is actively updated.
A soundtrack will be made eventually.

FuzeVD (Video Downloader)

A GUI for youtube-dl and ffmpeg. Download media from youtube and many other sites with a format and quality selection.
Link: https://fuze.page/fuzevd