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Mash has made one album before (Invasion), and another one is in the works (No Translation)

No Translation

In progress... will be finished in 2022

Song Name Release Date

Pro Beans

6th October 2021

Prelude 1- Variation

3rd January 2022


13th March 2022

Nick Frick

16th April 2022

No Translation album cover.


This album, released on the 18th may, 2021, contains Mash's old Garageband + FL Studio songs made in 2016 and 2017. They were never released in album form back then.

Song Name Release Date


October 2016

Steampunk Train

5th november 2016


12th november 2016

Revenge Of The Turkeys

November 2016

Disco Dingo

December 2016


26th December 2016

Hard Wired

12th February 2017

Penta Kill

9th March 2017


29th april 2017

Computer Rap (Beep bop boop its yo boi the rapping computer)

May 2017

Angels With Headphones (bonus track)

18th may 2021

Below: Invasion album cover. Click to open the album in bandcamp.